Remington Hepburn Match B/C Off-hand Target Rifle
30 1/8" 1/2 oct barrel in 32-40 B & M with a mint bore
This gun is near 100% all original
Case coloring is bright and vivid with full coverage
Barrel blue, hammer, block, trigger and sight show no wear
Nickle butt plate and nose cap with only minor edge wear to lower prong on butt plate
Very rare for Remington, is light honey colored stock and forearm with dark streaks very similar to Ballard 7A1 extra
Tom Rowe's Hepburn book shows two other like these on pages 102,103,108,and 109
This gun is nicer than either one of these
One of the nicest Hepburn I have seen
Inventory # 3186                                                                                         $9,500.00 Sold
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