D.S. Cole Long Rang
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34" tapered round in 45-90 with a mint bore
Serial # IX
Patened January 1, 1889
Similar to Hi Walls
Fewest parts of any Single Shot
D.S. Cole was a machinest, gunsmith
He was asked by local shooting club to build them
some guns for Long Range shooting,
He used Remington barrels and sights,the receiver
and stock was his design
It has only 6 or 7 parts, very simple and very strong
Serial numbers are Roman Numerals stamped with a
chisel,this one is either serial 9 or 11, only 7 or 8
known to exist
Front sight is not correct, but easily fixed
Very rare gun, very good condition
Inventory #4023                                         $4,950.00  SOLD