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Hello, my name is Tony Maddox. A lot of you will know me from about 30 years around the Gun Show circuit. I have been buying, selling, trading, and collecting late 19 and early 20th century single shot and lever guns. One of the things I noticed is that a lot of these old guns were missing their sights. There are several reasons why sight dealers and collectors would remove them. Target sights were precision instruments, and were removed for transport to and from the range, then they were lost or separated. Shooters would change sights trying to find a better one. For years I have been buying original sights when I could find them to reinstall them on deserving rifles.

Sights have become hard to find and no one is making anything close to the originals. I tried for years to get highly skilled machinist to make some, but there is a lot of tedious work involved. After being around these machinist and gunsmiths for many years and having a small machine shop myself, I decided to see if I could make the quality needed. My learning curve has been hard and fast, with a lot of great help I decided to open for business.

DSC 0198 thMy intention is to recreate as near as possible, the exact sight to the period. Not mine or someone else’s idea, but what was originally on these guns. I intend to build sights for collectors who want to complete a gun back to factory original or shooters who want to shoot period correct guns and sights. This is a slow process starting from scratch almost. Between all of the originals I have or have been able to borrow, I have a good foundation to start from. I was also able to get left over parts and pieces from the late Mike Stevens shop, and Axtel Rifle Company. I consider these two to be the best who made quantities for sale.

I would like to thank all the machinist, gunsmiths, collectors and friends for all the encouragement to take on this project, and answering a lot of questions of which there has been a lot of and will continue.

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My sights will be 100% guaranteed to be free from any defects and as close as possible to the original, right down to the bastard threads they used, if available or can get made. I will also be listing a few of these old Pre-1899 collectible rifle and pistols for sale here, so check back often and feel free to contact me if you are ever in the beautiful North East Wyoming area, call and stop by. I don’t have a store front but will do showings and tours by appointment. You may also contact me with your wish list or special work you would like done. I also sell guns on consignment and buy as I can.

Looking forward to helping you.